What we do?

ITS stands for Integrated Technology Systems. We instal and integrate all your technology systems to make your home or office beautifully smart, easy to use, incredibly safe and remarkably efficient. What is the point of having a smart home if your mother-in-law gets lost between overcomplicated gadgets and can't even use the light switch in the kitchen? We do the complicated work so you can enjoy friendly simplicity...
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Why ITS UK Group is best?

No problems just solutions - we prove anything can be achieved in the technical world. With our careful documentation, state of the art means you are not tied to us as any professional company can change extend or maintain your system.

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Our mission

To make you happy by making your life easier, more comfortable and more exciting. We team up with you to exceed your expectations with innovative, bespoke design and to achieve engineering excellence by delivering better than the best installation - all at great value and with great customer service 24/7.

Our Story

At ITS UK Group we are focused on quality, reliability and great service. We are passionate about technologies that bring tangible benefits to our customers and we offer a great blend of information technology, networking, systems, telecom and electrical expertise that together provide unique value for you. We are a full technology service provider. We know how important it is to understand our customers’ desires and needs so we always take the time to understand exactly what is important to you to be able to tailor solutions and services. Founded in 2015, ITS UK has in excess of 100 years combined professional experience. It is this expertise that we bring to you, to make the most of all the benefits that technology can bring.

Our vision

Our vision for a better future - to be the UK’s most trusted partner for technology service provider.

Creating your perfect lifestyle

Let us help you create your perfect lifestyle. What do you dream of to make your life better?

Our Services

Audio Systems from basic to audiophile

Home cinema cannot operate without equally impressive sound system. As with cinema itself there is plenty to choose from depending on your sound and music preferences. From stunning 5.1 surround sound, through 5.1 with extra focus on stereo soundstage for music lovers to even more stereo oriented set-ups with dedicated components taking care of your audiophile music experience. Again, there are among us those who would love to help you design perfect system out of pure passion.

Bath automation

Bathomatic is a totally automated bathroom accessory that gives you total remote control over your bath. Conjure up a relaxing bath - however old the bath is! And, after a tiring day at work, you can set the water you want, even adding the relaxing essential oils you would like. Perfect bathing at your fingertips! Paradise! It can set the depth and temperature of your bath - expertly etting the fragrance and even the bubbliness! So the perfect water awaits you or your family when you want to bathe. The ideal end to the day! Naturally we build the system according to the strictest health and safety rules, taking into account environment protection, for example to use minimal electricity.

CCTV and Security

ITS UK prides itself with designing security systems that combine high level of sophistication with ease of use, that naturally work together perfectly. Components from industry leading manufacturers ensure stable, failure-free performance. Through smart-switch on the wall or via your mobile device you will effortlessly - from your sofa or indeed anywhere in the world - monitor and control a highly advanced system which works discreetly in the background with incredible efficiency. CCTV and occupancy simulation can be linked to the system. Not only that, it also works with your house’s other automised features (for example if a window is open when you leave, it can be closed or the blinds pulled down etc.). The system can be regulated in any way so, in addition to all the usual functions, you can control what happens after any possible alarm.


We give you all the benefit of our extensive experience in residential, commercial and institutional properties. Our highly competent and dedicated team of electricians and electrical engineers can provide all the electrical services you need from small rewires to major design and build projects. So we can solve all your power, lighting, security and electrical repairs and maintenance requirements. You can trust us to work carefully and safely, efficiently and professionally with unrivalled quality of service to make your home even more comfortable.

Home Automation

Fully integrated home automation set-up brings you the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and safety. Climate control creates your ideal environment while energy monitoring optimises its performance to make sure that your comfort comes at minimal cost. With lighting and curtain/blind automation you can change your window arrangements on your smartphone or control panel on the wall. You can even make the burglar alarm trigger curtains to open and lights to switch on showing the situation inside the property. It can also be set to react to the light outside. Everything can be monitored and controlled via smart switches on walls or remotely accessed effortlessly from your iPad, tablet, smartphone or desktop. Let ITS UK Group design a solution that is tailor-made for you and your property.

Home Cinema

For the ultimate audiovisual experience and great fun we offer home cinema set-ups. Plasma screens, projectors, projector lifts, retractable cinema screens… there are plenty of exciting options to choose from. Our cinema-crazy engineers will be more than happy to be tasked with helping you choose the components ideal for you and your budget. From small man cave to private first showing cinema room with stage we can design and build your dream place.

IT Solutions

Your requirements are the base from which we start - and we engineer the best IT solution for you using our proven software and hardware products. We aim to deliver solutions that have both longevity and great value. Our proven project approach from the initial scope, planning and design to implementation, testing and delivery we ensure you experience our quality, reliability and great service.

Lighting and blinds control

linked to the position and strength of the sun The electronic curtains, sunscreens, blinds, awnings, shutters and sunshades can all be managed by buttons or remote control - but they can also be moved by hand. These electronic shading systems come into their own when they react to the external light conditions, the current position of the sun and the internal temperature. With this you can control the temperature of each room - so you’ll never find that one of the sides of the house is too hot, the other too cold. So your home will alway be a comfortable temperature while the other is too cold. That means your home will always be wonderfully comfortable, with the minimal energy costs, meaning significant energy savings for you. Its other main advantage is that these sun protections protect against against the potential damage from extreme weather conditions: it closes windows and brings down blinds against the sun.

Multi-room audio visual

Transform your home into an all-encompassing entertainment realm with access to TV, Sky/Virgin, on-demand services like Netflix or Amazon, internet radio, Spotify, your own movie and music collection and much more. With multi-room audio/video delivery system you can listen to music or watch movies anywhere in the house and garden. All this can be delivered via an inconspicuous sound system free from the clutter of cables and bulky speakers. Strategically placed wi-fi access points ensure faultless internet connection throughout the house and can be extended to the garden. You can also access all the media on your mobile device.


As a basic IT infrastructure home network serves as a backbone for home automation, security systems and entertainment components. It also carries all communication (intercom, telephone, VoIP etc.) and internet connection. We design and install state-of-the-art data networks to support all your needs today and your aspirations for the future. Our experience means you always experience our quality, reliability and great service throughout the process: from the initial scope, planning and design to implementation, testing and delivery. All our installations are tested, certified and clearly documented to EIA/TIA standards. And, if you ever want to make changes then the highest engineering quality of the network installation and documentation mean future changes can easily be implemented without undue fuss, mess or excess cost.


We provide the complete home telephone solution. We help you choose from a wide range of telecom services, with full installation, support and maintenance. Your old phone system may be familiar, but it could be holding you back. Modern phone systems can reduce costs, giving you features and tools to make your life more comfortable. We offer a hybrid solution: advantages of cloud-based phone services are complemented by your home-based PSTN connectivity. This allows users in any VoIP provider (e.g. Skype) to utilize PSTN connectivity via PBX Trunk. High availability through multiple Trunks even Broadband connections fault.

Video Entry Intercom

remote control entry system A creative solution you can see any time - and from anywhere! If a guest arrives, you can speak with them, seeing their picture when they ring. If someone rings, you get notice on your phone - and then you can decide whether you want to let them in or not. This function increases your control - so you get an entry system with which you can let in your children, a friend, the cleaner or mechanic so you don’t need to give them a key or alarm system entry.



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